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Physics Tuition
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Professional Physics Tuition | Home Tuition Physics | Secondary School Physics Tuition Singapore | Physics Tuition JC | Best Singapore Physics Tuition


In 4 Lessons, Improve Your Grade

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Physics Tuition

Hello, my name is Kristy Lee, University of Bristol, Ph.D. (School of Education/Research).

My team consists of former MOE teachers who serve as tuition coordinators and consultants.

Our 36,000 experienced tutors are current/ex-MOE teachers, and graduated/undergraduate tutors.

Each of them has between 2 and 30 years of teaching/tutoring experience.

Our tutors hold PhDs or Master’s degrees in about 20% of the subjects you are interested in.

Finding the right tutor can make a huge difference in your ability to get your grades back on track.

Professional Physics Tuition | Home Tuition Physics | Secondary School Physics Tuition Singapore | Physics Tuition JC | Best Singapore Physics Tuition

Singapore’s Largest Team Of Competent Tutors

85% of students saw improvement in their grades within 12 weeks of tuition starts.

15% of the students achieved grade increases within 2 months.

Experts in Effective Tuition

Our tuition coordinators and consultants have successfully matched students with tutors who are highly qualified and experienced in Singapore.

We saw it for ourselves many years ago that if a tutor gives the student incorrect information (because he/she doesn’t really know how to), there is very little chance of the student improving his/her grades.

Star Tutors is not afraid to take chances with your grades.

Star Tutors Deliver Excellent Results

We have been trusted, honest, and efficient since 2007.

Star Tutors is attentive to your needs.

Only tutors who have demonstrated their ability to improve grades will be displayed on our profiles.

Physics Tuition

A-Grade Tutors

Students love to learn from someone they feel comfortable with, and who can help them overcome difficult topics.

Before we can show you their profiles, tutors must have earned distinction in the subject(s).

They are able to inspire and motivate. They are role models and patients.

Each tutor specializes in a different subject, while others teach a mixture of subjects. They can share valuable, practical, and relevant exam tips with you.

They are experts in the right answers and can assist you with navigation.

Tutors who are trained, qualified and experienced

Tutors are the main part of any tuition center. Therefore, the best physics tuition centers will always have tutors who are not only qualified but also trained and experienced in the subject.

It is expected that tutors have received professional NIE training or are MOE registered. These are accredited organizations that ensure that tutors have received the necessary training for tutoring or teaching.

Also, the best pure physics tuition or physics tuition centers generally offer tutors who have gained considerable experience in teaching. Thus students are assured of quality and professional tutoring.

Quality notes, worksheets and other study materials

When you attend a physics education center, students are expected to have an adequate supply of worksheets and notes. The best tuition centers go further and offer access to their online library where students can choose to refer to other study materials.

Quality notes and worksheets help a lot in students understanding and learning efficiently when they study alone. So, make sure to join a physics course that has a record of providing students with curated and quality notes, worksheets, etc.

One-on-one attention to students

Yes! The best physics tuition centers offer students the much-needed one-on-one attention that helps them overcome their struggles with the subject.

Students are unable to get this in school but in tuition classes, tutors provide one-on-one attention that allows them to discuss their questions and work on them for improvement.

Quality crash course program for students

In addition, you can expect quality crash courses for physics designed to help students gain intensive learning in a short period of time. These courses are usually offered when exams are fast approaching and students need to make the most of their time.

By joining these courses, you will be able to prepare, learn and revise Physics subjects in an efficient manner without wasting any time.

These are some of the things you can expect from an expert physics education center. Be sure to look for these points when searching for a physics tuition class to join.

What to Expect in Getting Physics Tuition in Singapore

Physics is one of the most challenging subjects, and statistics show that many students need extra physics tuition in Singapore. The number of O Level Physics tutors in Singapore is increasing and choosing the best one for your child is not a pleasant task. With fees going towards tuition, you want to make sure you get the best from an O Level Physics teacher.

As a parent or guardian, one can expect a lot from physics tuition (really good ones can be found especially in Bishan, BT Timah) and Singapore, including improved performance in physics. Students also have similar expectations in understanding principles that will prepare them for future careers as well as in solving day-to-day problems.

Factors to consider for O Level Physics tuition

Before you go looking for a highly qualified and experienced physics teacher in Singapore, here are some things to consider

Review parent/guardian and student testimonials

Thanks to social media, it is easy to know the best companies offering Physics tuition in Bt Timah. Most parents, guardians and students go to Facebook among other social media sites to determine what their physics teachers have helped them achieve in particular. Before you settle on a physics tutor, check out their website and social media page and see comments from previous clients. There are also consumer rights websites that you can read to know what to expect from teachers teaching physics in Singapore.

Students have to deal with the principles in class

A teacher cannot teach a student something they have not learned in class. Before hiring a tutor for your child, consider what they have learned in class. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the student to integrate the O-level physics curriculum if it is not taught in class. Also, if they are already ahead in the syllabus, they may underestimate their teacher and thus get him or her into trouble. This will further enhance their performance in the subject.

Teacher support

Most of the experts who provide physics tuition in Singapore are knowledgeable with a high level of dedication. They will help your child understand the principles of physics as well as advise on resources to use while they are at school. However, they are not miracle workers, and your child should be encouraged to cooperate with the teacher to improve their grades. You should contact the teacher to get occasional reports on the student’s performance.

Improvement takes time

There are a section of parents and guardians who start tutoring their children in Physics when exams are around the corner. The downside of this approach is that the tutor will rarely differentiate on the student. Improvement takes time and O Level Physics tuition should start before the exam period begins. This way, the tutor will be able to assess the student and create a proper tuition program that will see the student excel in their O Level Physics exam.

Home tutoring

There is a particular preference for O-level physics tuition centers in Singapore, and while they offer students the opportunity to be with their peers, this can be a breeding ground for bad habits. To avoid such situations, you can opt for home-based physics tuition. The advantage of this type of tutoring is that they can tutor the student in a familiar environment without the usual distractions of tuition centers.

Physics tuition fees in Singapore

The fee you pay for a physics teacher largely depends on their qualifications. Experience also counts in the fee charged. For a graduate tutor, they charge S$25 to S$80 per hour, graduates charge between S$30 to S$85 per hour, while an ex/current MOE teacher will charge between S$45 to S$100 per hour. You can always negotiate the fee, but this is only recommended with teachers who come with high recommendations. Obviously there are different rates for O Level tutors and A Level tutors.

Consider the following when hiring a tutor

Over the years, physics tuition in Singapore has become a very competitive business, and it has attracted all kinds of teachers. Most of them will help your child improve their physics performance, while others will hardly get the job done. Here are tips to consider before you hire a physics tutor in Singapore.

Professional Certificate

Singapore has a section of parents and guardians who choose to employ high school graduates in their neighborhood to tutor their children in physics. They do this as a cost-saving measure, but it rarely improves student performance. Always look for a teacher with professional certification that qualifies them to be a physics teacher. This is because they have the right knowledge and learning strategies that will help a physics student sit their exams with confidence.


Physics is one science that gives students a hard time. This makes it necessary to hire an O Levels Physics tuition professional who has demonstrated their level of knowledge in the subject. You can do this by assessing students’ teaching strategies to help them understand concepts. On top of that, the tutor needs to identify the student’s problem areas and help them understand many formulas, let alone memorizing them for the exam.

Fun yet effective

Physics can be fun when tutored by the right person, and most school physics teachers are boring. This contributes to poor student performance. When hiring an O Level Physics tutor for your child, assess their teaching style and see if they have a fun and effective approach to teaching young children who may be moody and less patient. Such a tutor will help the student to increase their confidence in the subject and thus improve their chances of performing well in exams and career.


Different physics tutors will offer a variety of services, but the bottom line is that they need to help your student improve their performance. However, you should pair the student with the teacher weeks or months before the physics test because improvement takes time.

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