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Food in Georgetown

by Md Miraj Amin
Food in Georgetown
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Food in Georgetown

Georgetown, Washington, DC is a fashionable and elegant area. It has cobblestone streets where Jackie O used to walk, as well as the quads of the university. Georgetown is a great place to visit if you are a tourist looking for M Street shopping or a local who is passing through.

The good news about it is that it has one of The District’s best-kept food scenes. You’re likely to have heard of Georgetown’s famous cupcakes. However, there is more to Georgetown than just the sweets. Georgetown is home to most of Georgetown’s most well-known Ethiopian restaurants. There are also places where you can sample menus from one of the top eateries in the city or quick-service bites for after a long day. Georgetown

The Berliner

Water Street’s converted warehouse is an outdoor-indoor area that offers authentic German beer hall design. There are six varieties of sausage on the menu, including bratwurst, merguez and other variations. They also come with a range of toppings and sauces. The main draw of this Bavarian-inspired restaurant is beer. There are more than 20 beer options available, including many from Germany and some that were brewed right here in the USA.

Bourbon Steak

Bourbon Steak is located inside the Georgetown Four Seasons Hotel. This chic restaurant is a great place to have a meal, a drink, and a bite in the casual lounge. You can also take a walk on the firepit-equipped patio. The classic steakhouse menu features include Ahi Tuna Tartare and Handcut Duck Fat Fries. Robert Curtis also offers a wide selection of steaks, including dry-aged grassfed, corn-fed, and Japanese caviar.



A charming, adorable Champagne and Caviar Bar is a great place to celebrate. Elli Benchimol, a sommelier, has curated the menu. The interior atmosphere is dark and moody. The space is designed to provide a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of Georgetown’s M Street. You can choose from a wide variety of wines by the glass or in bottles. Larger dishes such as Vegetable Cassoulet or Seared Trout are also available.

The Sovereign


This lively Georgetown restaurant serves Belgian cuisine influenced by French and Dutch cuisines. There are three types of cheese and charcuterie, as well as Flammkuchen (crispy flan breads that can be topped with various toppings), and Rabbit, which is braised in Kriek beers. There are more than 25 drafts and 350 bottles. Ask your bartender to help you or Greg Engert, drinks director at the brewery, for a great selection. Many beer lovers come to this place to taste the rare Belgian beers.


The restaurant is located on a cobblestone street with an open dining area and a dimly lit patio. Reverie is a place for special occasions. The highly-acclaimed, 14-course tasting menu is created by Johnny Spero, a chef and winner. It features local ingredients and a playful approach and costs $205 per person. The menu reflects the personality of Johnny Spero, including Maryland crab, which is a reflection on his Baltimore roots, and Spanish Turbot, which is his time at the Mugaritz kitchen, in the Basque Country.


Everything, from Sourdough Focaccia Focaccia to Sourdough Focaccia and Rabbit Leg to Kaluga Caviar–this French bistro will have you saying “oui!” to more. Lutece’s food is more art than food, as Chef Matt Conroy meticulously details every dish. There are many French-inspired dishes available. The restaurant also offers an all-inclusive tasting meal for $75, which includes four courses.

Das Ethiopian Cuisine


The United States is known for its Ethiopian cuisine and Georgetown is a top spot to eat there. The light, airy dining room serves classic dishes like Tibs and Doro Wat. It also offers vegetarian options such as Inguali Tibs (sauteed mushrooms, onions, and a hint of bell peppers), and Shiro Wat which is a dish that’s seasoned with chickpeas and simmered with mild sauce.



CUT is popular for Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant, which serves both steaks and seasonal Mid-Atlantic food by Andrew Skala. You will need to visit the rooftop to enjoy the newly renovated rooftop bar and restaurant, CUT Above. CUT Above is an excellent spot for outdoor entertainment. The lounge is furnished with comfortable lounge furniture. The rooftop restaurant offers tamaki sushi as well as refreshing cocktails like The Up, Up & Away, which pairs vodka with spiced lemon ginger honey, aquafaba, and lemon ginger honey.

Brasserie Liberte

Brasserie Liberte is a trendy restaurant on Prospect Street that attracts people looking for a space to eat with a modern look. The chef Matthew Cockrell’s menu features classic French dishes like Country Pate and Trout Amandine, as well as Cassoulet. The restaurant’s all-inclusive menu includes a variety of popular dishes, which can feed up to seven people.

Chaia Tacos

Chaia will offer savory tacos filled with vegetables as part of its mission to change the perception of plant-based food. Chaia’s founders, Suzanne Simon, and Bettina Stern created mouthwatering bites like Braised Mushroom Tacos and Creamy Kale Tacos with Potato Tacos. The poblano-infused crema means you won’t miss the meat.

Georgetown Pizza and Grill

Georgetown Pizza and Grill is the best place to get delicious Georgetown pizza! The Greek pizza is our favorite (think gyro with olives, feta and Tzatziki). Buffalo chicken pizza (more pizzas should use blue cheese bases!) They also offer incredible meal deals. They offer delicious wings and pizza!

Although the restaurant isn’t extravagant, you can still eat in or take out. You won’t feel hungry after a fun evening on vacation. It is open from 2.45am to 3.45am every night. They have the best food in Georgetown. They also offer delivery as they are a pizza restaurant. Online ordering can save you up to 10%

DAS Ethiopian Cuisine

DAS Ethiopian Cuisine is a stunning restaurant located in Georgetown DC. This is if you are looking for something different than your traditional pizza, sushi, curry, or pizza choices.

The restaurant is located on the busy Georgetown M Street. You can enjoy your meal outside on the terrace or inside while enjoying the views of the Georgetown crowds.

DAS Ethiopian Cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most popular restaurants in Georgetown. We are excited to return!

Lebuh Pregrave Hawker Stalls

You can find a wide range of food options, from a food cart offering hard-to-find Baba Nyonya (a mixture of Chinese and indigenous cooking techniques and ingredients) to excellent oyster omelet sellers. Most people come to eat hokkien Mee. Hokkien Mee. This delicious bowl is made from wheat and egg noodles, rice, and a rich red, pork bone- and prawn based soup. Crisp bacon and crispy shallots are added to the dish. Only for evenings.

Lorong Hawker Stalls

Lorong Baru is the best hawker-market stop if you have limited time. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the many food choices and the lively atmosphere. Otak-otak, a fish curry in banana leaf, and char koay kak rice cakes fried with egg beans, shrimp, and chili paste are some of the most well-known dishes. The meal is served at the table.

Amigo Mio

Are you looking for the best Mexican restaurant in Georgetown DC? Then you should visit Amigo Mio. This wonderful restaurant serves delicious TexMex cuisine in the heart of Georgetown.

There is so much to love about the Mexican traditional restaurant that it can be hard to choose what menu item to order.

Amigo Mio is proud to use only the best ingredients whenever possible. Their staff is warm and welcoming.

Bodega Spanish Tapas & Lounge

If your goal is to eat at a Georgetown DC restaurant and enjoy tapas, Bodega Bar and Tapas In Spanish should be on your list. Bodega Spanish Tapas & Lounge, located in Georgetown, offers authentic Spanish food in a warm and welcoming setting.

It is difficult to pick our top tapas. It’s hard to choose our top tapas. We love the sepia Ala Plancha (grilled cuttlefish seasoning with olive oil and sea salt) as well the datiles with tocino with bacon and the tostada De Cheese de Cabra with miel (toasted bread with goat’s-cheese and honey ).

Bodega Spanish Tapas and Lounge offers outdoor and indoor dining. You can also enjoy the stunning fountain from outside.

Tony and Joe’s Seafood Place

For the best seafood experience, visit Tony and Joe’s Seafood Place. The restaurant is located near Washington Harbour. Enjoy fine dining on the patio or inside.

They have amazing food! You can also order the Ivy City Smokehouse smoked fishboard.

Tony Joe’s Seafood Place is Georgetown’s best waterfront dining. Established over 40 years ago, it’s a landmark Georgetown institution.

Pitt Street Koay Teow Th’ng

Although not as well-known as George Town’s other hawker dishes like koay Teow flat rice noodles or koay teateow, this dish is very popular with locals. It is served in clear duck broth and decorated with fish balls. These balls made from eeland taste delicious and are not as hardy or bland as the ones you might have seen elsewhere. The whole thing is complemented by a generous drizzle of pork fat, and crisp garlic. Only breakfast and lunch. Closed on Monda

Wai Kei Cafe

Even if your only interest is Chinese food, chances are you have had char Siew. This is the fatted, roasted pork that’s fried in an oven. We’re not going to lie to you if we say that you haven’t had char siew at Wai Kei. The char siew is crisp, caramelized, rich, and smokey. It comes with rice and a bowl of soup. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, but it is closed on Mondays.


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