How to create google redirect backlinks?

How to create google redirect backlinks?

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How to create google redirect backlinks?

I saw some backlinks on MOZ from google. How these backlinks are created. These backlinks have increased the DA of my website. Can anybody tell are they really worth it? I have also attached an image

How to create google redirect backlinks

Answer is :-
Firstly, DA and DR are the metrics developed by third-party SEO services. They give you an idea about the SEO of a domain based on various factors, which includes the quality of the backlinks.

Secondly, Google DOES NOT use any of these metrics to rank websites.

What are Google Redirect Backlinks?
These are basically intermediary URLs which are generated when google redirects from the SERP Page to a website.
This has been exploited by many people to get them indexed on Moz & Ahrefs to manipulate the DA or DR Score. Both MOZ & Ahrefs are aware of this scam and are working to resolve this issue very soon. Sites having such links will be penalised by Google for using Black Hat SEO most probably.
These links, DO NOT pass any link juice or value to the target domain, as they are NEVER indexed by Google.

So, don’t waste your money buying such links to boost the DA or DR of your sites.

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